“A place from which one’s strength is drawn, where one feels at home; the place where you are your most authentic self.”

I want to inspire people to find balance and happiness, to try new ways to see and create the world. You are magic, and magic is believing in yourself. In giving yourself some time and space to feel great, great things can happen. I will share all the love and moves I’ve got to help you find your own querencia within.

It’s all about taking some time for just you, to allow yourself to feel good, accept who you are, where you are. I want to help you to get to know your body and listen to your mind in a fun easy way.

I want to share movements, I want us to be aware of our bodies and minds. If you’re not feeling amazing you are allowed to change. Happier people gives us a happier world, and you do deserve to feel good.

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I met Sara while traveling through Costa Rica. We started talking in our hostel pool and she had mentioned she just spent 5 weeks learning to teach yoga. I jokingly asked her if she would teach us a class in the morning. To my surprise, she said yes. Five of us met back by the pool first thing in the morning. Two of the people who were there had never done a yoga class and didn’t know what to expect. Sara asked me if there was any particular area I wanted to focus on. My psoas had been really tight and asked her if we could focus on that. It was honestly one of the best yoga classes I had ever attended. Sara was so good with the way she taught. Not only was she gentle and calming with her tone, but she was was so knowledgeable and clear when explaining poses. Especially considering two of the people there had never done yoga. There was no confusion. After our session, my body and my mind felt so much better. I can honestly say, Sara is one of the kindest, most genuine people I have ever encountered on a trip. I’m so excited for her to share her infectious smile and happiness with others.

Chantal Schefers Alaska/Idaho, United States

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My name is Sara. I am a certificated yoga teacher who loves, laughs, sunshine, beaches and everything that makes us feel good. 

Yoga changed my life. From being an unhappy and stressed person who didn’t take care of myself and my well being I now enjoy life to the fullest, doing what I love. I see possibilities in everyone, and truly believe that everything is possible.

I am a girl who wishes for a happier and healthier world.

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